Always the best.  #OlDirtybastard #RIPODB

Always the best. #OlDirtybastard #RIPODB

Working on a brand new track  #ableton #tisolo

Working on a brand new track #ableton #tisolo

#touche #stopsign  (Taken with Instagram at 55sudbury.st)

#touche #stopsign (Taken with Instagram at 55sudbury.st)

#sanfrancisco #advice (Taken with Instagram)

#sanfrancisco #advice (Taken with Instagram)

#bigballs (Taken with Instagram at 99 Gallery)

#bigballs (Taken with Instagram at 99 Gallery)


Throw your weird ass tassled hats into the air, it’s graduation time!

Voltron’s “Sophomore EP” is not only the follow-up to last year’s “Freshman EP”, but a documentation of their continued blossoming evolution into… hybrid dancefloor savants? The nightclub equivalent of a grad student? A thesis on ‘Neoclassical Assumptions in Contemporary Prescriptive Slang’ jammed into an mp3? Whatever you want to call it, it’s full of huge contributions from Bambounou, Gremino, Jean Nipon and Brownz as well as two original productions from the promising young academics themselves.

"Play It" mutates Dead Prez’s gravelly turn-of-phrase about real hip hop into an anthemic warble, wrapping it around reverberating intensity, interlaced synths sending messages back and forth to each other. Relax, you’ll know it when you play it.

Meanwhile, on remix duties, Bambounou’s interpretation of “Play It” sounds like someone constructed a car alarm made entirely of tropical birds, stripping off the glossy sheen of Voltron’s synthesizers and banging out a version that sounds like it was simultaneously constructed on seventeen different models of antiquated drum machines.

At first you might think that the unique hook of Brownz remix of “Play It” is the “someone-ripping-a-thousand-rolls-of-packing-tape” bass rumble that kicks in early on in the track, but you’re fooling yourself. Instead, it’s the nervousness-inducing orchestral rumble that starts scaling upwards in the background of the track, slowly 
crawling to the front of the track sounding somewhat like a dancefloor-adaption of the most gut-wrenching thriller movie you’ve watched.

We’re hugely excited to have recent Fade To Mind jacking legend Gremino in the house on this release, and in his hands “Play It” jumps and somersaults around the club like a cirque-du-soleil performer who ingested bath salts and is now looking to gnaw on some face.

The vocals in “Desire” are like the exhausted but ecstatic sighs of a teenage raver in the early hours of a forest rave somewhere in Reykjavik, paired with swirling synths spiralling and oscillating pensively around it, letting the track breathe. When it all gets washed over with a hauntingly spontaneous piano elegy in the middle of the track that’s guaranteed to have everybody’s hearts seized up in their throats.

Esteemed Institubes lecturer Jean Nipon drops some immense knowledge on his remix of “Desire”. Dark swirling arpeggios, filter sweeps that make you feel like you’re teetering on the edge of a mountain, and a knack for that distinctively French “thwump” that Nipon brings to each of his productions. A standout track.

Released by: Discobelle Records 
Release/catalogue number: DBR027 
Release date: Jun 18, 2012